In 1964 we played as South Evergreen Little League and in 1981 we broke ground at Harmony Sports Complex and were established as Cascade Little League. Over 36 years and thousands of young boys and girls learning the great game of baseball. We couldn't continue this great program without all the dedicated volunteers.


Cascade Little League Previous Presidents


1981-1982 Clem Strelecki

1983 George Black

1984 Phillip Gould

1985 Andy Chumbley

1986 Phillip Gould

1987 Dena Allmaras

1988-1990 John Chidester

1991 Eli Kendrick

1992 Rick Hylton

1993 Trudy Grazul

1994 Bruce Brenestall

1995 Greg Basel

1996 Bill Rivas

1997-1998 Robert Williams

1999-2000 Arthur Liss

2001-2002 Kirk Miller

2003-2004 Ted Lawson

2006-2007 Robert Vulkanovich

2008-2010 Brent Bates

2011-2014 Shawn Owens

2015-Present Peter White & Steven Hamblen




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