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At Cascade Little League, we are deeply committed to fostering a love for baseball and softball in our youth, creating an environment that values sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal growth both on and off the field. Our league is more than just a place to play; it's a community where children can grow, learn, and create lasting memories.

Our Gratitude for Your Generosity

We understand that it takes a village to nurture and develop the potential of our young athletes. This is why we are endlessly grateful for every donation we receive, no matter the size. Each contribution directly supports our mission to provide a safe, fun, and enriching experience for all players.

Your support makes a world of difference. Here's how donations like yours have helped our league:

  • Equipment Upgrades: Ensuring our players have access to safe, high-quality gear and facilities.
  • Scholarships: Making sure that every child who wishes to play has the opportunity, regardless of financial barriers.
    • Facilities Maintenance: Ensuring our fields, nets, dugouts, and communal spaces are safe, clean, and welcoming for all. Your contributions help us address wear and tear, improve accessibility, and keep our facilities in top condition, creating a better experience for players and families alike.

We want to extend our sincerest thanks to each and every one of our donors. Your generosity not only enriches the Cascade Little League experience but also strengthens our community as a whole. It's supporters like you who help us keep our league vibrant, accessible, and full of possibility.

Join Our Community of Supporters

If you're considering making a donation, know that your support will be felt far beyond the baseball diamond. Every contribution helps us continue our work of nurturing young athletes, teaching them valuable life lessons, and building a stronger community.

For more information on how to contribute or get involved with Cascade Little League, please contact us. Together, we can make a lasting impact. [email protected]

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